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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Python (Programming Language)

Why Python is Good for Kids

According to a study, coding is rapidly becoming the most in-demand job skill across a wide range of industries, and it will continue to do so in the future. And one of the most in-demand coding languages from this lucky list is Python, a general-purpose programming language which is widely known for its efficiency and user-friendliness.

Python was first released for commercial purposes in 1991. It was designed and developed by Guido van Rossum. Rossum was determined to create a programming language that can be understood and efficiently used by everyone from any age group, a goal which he achieved with full precision.

python programming language

The success of Python and its suitable syntax for every age group has made it a center point coding language for kids to learn. And even better: Python is an open-source coding language, so it is available to use for free.

We believe that this introduction is enough to tell the concerned parents how much good and important teaching Python will be for their kids, in case they seek a bright and successful IT future for their young ones. Here are 5 reasons why teaching Python your kids should learn Python.

Python is a High-End Programming Language for General Purposes and is Extremely Child-Friendly

One of the most considerable benefits of starting your kid’s online coding education with Python is that it is a extremely child-friendly. Python was developed as an intuitive text-based language, which is the only one in its industry that provides helpful comments as you type the code in it.

This practically helpful approach makes it easier for kids to learn and transform their ideas into applications, given the fact that they are even little bit coding-savvy and are supported by an able coding tutor to help polish their skills and understanding further.

Python Will Continue to Be a Dominant Programming Language Well into The Future

The programming industry has a firm belief that Python will continue to dominate well into the future, where there will be a certain possibility that few other contemporary programming languages might go extinct.

According to a study conducted by one of the most well-known coding marketplaces on the web – Stack Overflow – Python has been the fastest growing programming language over the last 25 years, and it will continue to grow definitively well into the future. Therefore, kids who learn how to code in Python from an early age will enjoy higher chances of making a successful IT career once they enter the workplace.

All of The Major Future Technologies Depends Heavily Upon Python

One of the most important aspects to which all parents must think about is enabling your kids to be aware of tomorrow’s major disrupting technologies. Educating them in those skills which drive those technologies comprehensively is the foremost responsibility of any caring parents.

When you enroll your children in Python programming courses, you are successfully adhering to that responsibility towards your kids. You already know why coding is important for your kids, but why specifically in Python? Because Python is one of the centermost languages running the modern and upcoming technologies of the future. What are those future technologies? Here they are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Big Data
  • Networking

So, this might be enough to tell anyone how important it is to know how to code in the Python programming language.

The World’s Top Companies Use & Recommend Python

This is not an out-of-this-world claim, but the world’s most well-known organizations are coding every day in Python as well as recommending it to those who are seeking better futuristic opportunities in the IT world.

When your kids start learning Python from an early age and become experts they grow up, it creates better job opportunities for them in one of the world’s most distinguished companies. What more could a parent could possibly ask for? Well, some of the companies that use Python are:

  • NASA
  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Reddit

Here’s the full list: 10 most famous websites/apps built with Python programming language. Would you like your kids to create apps/sites like these in the future? Let them learn Python now from Code Coach’s personalized teaching method for kids).

Python is in High-Demand

According to one of the most experienced and well-known business technology journalist – John Edwards – Python is the second most in-demand programming language in 2018. The popularity and wide use of Python as the coding-language-of-choice, apart from the reasons given above, rests primarily on the fact that it is highly useful and suitable for scientific computing, data, and machine intelligence, three of the primary industries in most of the developed world.

But also owing to the fact of being an all-general-programming-purpose, a skillful Python coder will always have a precedence in most of the industries where even the tiniest use of technology is implemented. Therefore, teaching your kids Python will, again, flourish and greatly enhances their futuristic probabilities for a stable income and career.

August 12, 2018

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