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Careers in Tech

Coding is a vital skill in the digital era and opens up a world of job opportunities and careers.

Programming is a useful skill in many different job industries. In a more globalized and technological world, industries and job roles that were previously coding-free are now looking for employees who know how to code to make their companies and teams more efficient.

According to a recent Forbes article titled “How The Coding Explosion Has Changed The Programmer Job Market” in the United States, there are more jobs than good programmers to be hired. In fact, by 2020, there will be almost one million programming jobs in the United States that are not filled. Learning how to code, and more importantly how to problem solve with programming, opens up many job opportunities.

Some such job opportunities are roles like:

data scientist
Data Scientist

According to Glassdoor, “data scientists utilize their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets”, which they then use to develop “data-driven solutions” for business problems.

Languages they commonly use: R, SQL, Python

finance analyst
Finance Analyst

Finance analysts analyze financial data by collecting, monitoring and creating financial models for decision support. They analyze results, monitor differences, identify trends, and then recommend actions to management.

Languages they commonly use: Python, SQL

Software Engineer

According to Glassdoor, “software engineers write, debug, maintain, and test software that instructs a computer to accomplish certain tasks, such as saving information, performing calculations, etc.

Languages they commonly use: Java, Python, C++

Front-end Developer

According to Co.Design, “front-end developers are responsible for creating a functional implementation of a product’s interface. Usually, a UI designer gives a product mockup to the front-end developer who then translates it into a working, interactive experience. Front-end developers are also responsible for coding the visual interactions…of the product.

Languages they commonly use: HTML, CSS, Javascript