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Essential Coding Languages to Teach Kids

Important Programming Languages to Teach Kids

We can give you tons and tons of reasons about why coding is important for kids to learn in this digital age. We’ve discussed it before. So let’s delve into the topic of which coding languages are the most essential for your kids to learn at a younger age.

The coding languages we’ll talk about in this article are crucial to form the basis in which a young mind can find it easy to develop a logical, analytical, and a practical approach later on in their professional lives. Not to mention, opening up numerous career opportunities for them in the ever-growing world of IT. So, let’s discuss the most essential coding languages to teach your kids right away!


Scratch is one of those programming languages which is widely, and mainly, utilized for computer-generated animation objects. This programming language is kid-friendly as well, owing to its main theme of object animation. Ask your kids about such films as Toy Story, Up, Avatar, etc. All of which are a pure product of advanced coding-based animations.
Kids can create interactive stories, games, and lots of other types of animations by using Scratch programming platform. Teaching the Scratch coding language “from scratch” to your kids via a reliable coding tutor paves the way to finding something valuable in computer-generated animation opportunities in their professional lives later on.


JavaScript is one of the most respected and among the most widely used programming language. Extremely suitable for all type of web-based application and programming, JavaScript was the central language in helping to create the world’s first dedicated internet browser – The Netscape Navigator – and even though the Netscape browser is no longer in use, the JavaScript is still the favorite language for millions of web developers worldwide.

Although JavaScript is rather a hard programming language (complements much of C & C++ languages) it nevertheless can be taught fairly easily to kids with the help of an able coding tutor for the young children. Once learned, a child who knows Javascript will find it much easier to write advanced web-based applications and sites that will be quite robust in their functionalities, thus enabling huge career opportunities as the kids reach their professional working age.


Ruby is another programming language which holds a very prominent place in the world of coding education. This language is designed in the most user-friendly syntax which means that it is an ideal coding language to learn for the beginners. Getting your kids onto a right online coding education platform is the only difference maker between a good coding fellow and a poor one in the future.

Why? Dedicated and reliable coding teachers can only be found from an equally dedicated online coding education platform (e. g. CodeCoach) where a specific but effective online tutoring technique – the curriculum teaching method – helps a kid focus and grow effectually within those subjects in which he/she has the formidable command and interest. As far as Ruby is concerned, this programming language lead to a few famous creations as well (Ruby was once used for Twitter). So, Ruby is a good option for the kids should they be concerned about some serious online programming later in their careers.


With the invention and inclusion of Python as a coding language for the kids to learn; this is the programming language which will make it easier for the coding tutors to help beginning fresh young minds grasp the concepts of core programming easily. Python is perhaps one of the most highly regarded and intuitive coding languages currently out there as an open-source intended for all general-purpose programming.

As mentioned in the above lines, and with the additional help of an able coding tutor, kids will be able to learn to think logically and to find efficient means of putting their ideas into machine-operated commands effectively. This is indeed the greatest remark one can associate with this programming language we call as Python. Therefore, if you are looking to have your kid face and solve any code related problems in future, let them learn Python from their early age.

Want to Teach Your Kids from The Best Coding Tutors There Are? Try CodeCoach!

Everyone knows that the world we live in today is running more and more on digital aspects, that is most of the functions and everyday life services are being coded or programmed by code developers globally. CodeCoach is determined to provide high-quality coding education for kids everywhere in the world on very meager prices. CodeCoach is a premium online coding education platform for kids aged 9 and above.

At CodeCoach, we use the highly-recommended curriculum teaching methodology, which helps pair every kid sufficiently with their strong points in technical coding as well as help them becoming over-the-counter experts in their programming skills.
The future professional world is becoming more and more IT-based. In this world, those who know how to code things up will have a higher chance of making a professional career for themselves. So, start teaching your kids how to code by using a highly personalized teaching plan from CodeCoach and help them live a good life well into their future.

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August 12, 2018

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