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Learn to Code Online with a Personal Tutor

Why is a Tutor Essential in Online Coding Education?

Online education is nothing new for students around the world. You’ll be amazed to know that the first ever off-school correspondence was initiated back in the 1800s in Great Britain, a professor sending and receiving assignments via mail from those students who couldn’t make it to the university campus. It is right from there the idea of online learning originated, and since then, it has developed and matured into the modern facet we see today.

But having an online education platform is not enough, not until you have the backing of a highly skillful and experienced tutor in the network. The importance of an online tutor or a teacher cannot be stressed more than in online education, specifically when it comes to online coding education. Let’s discuss and explore the importance and benefits of having a skillful coding tutor in an online education platform.

Why We Need a Tutor in Online Learning?

In his research paper: New Tutoring Skills for Online Learning: Are e-Tutors adequately prepared for e-learning delivery?, Dr. Maggie McPherson discussed and gave his reasons on the importance of online tutors and leadership qualities as one of the foremost crucial factors when it comes to having success in a computer-mediated e-learning environment.

This becomes evidently true wherever online coding education comes in, for one of the most important qualities of an e-tutor is to make complex topics and subjects easier for the students to understand. In an article published in New Learning Times, a major educative publication resource, states about the importance of tutor-student interaction in online learning:

“The researchers found that learner-instructor/learner interaction was the most consistent factor influencing learners’ performance in the discussion forum, group project, and final exam.”

This human-to-human interaction factor is not only important for coding courses but for an entire lot of subjects available in an online learning environment. Therefore, when you have an e-tutor assisting the learners, especially in difficult and complex courses like coding, chances are higher that those learners will find it easy to grasp the concepts and the means to execute them properly.

Coding for kids has become an important part of their education. And over here as well the importance of a coding tutor cannot be undermined. Kids are often not an easiest of the students to teach because they require an extra amount of motivation and special techniques of learning which improvises their memories.

And coding tutor for the kids in an online learning setting (e. g. CodeCoach) is exactly that person who is expected to play this role to its fullest. The thing which makes the learning process for your Learning to code might be a difficult thing for the young ones but being assisted by a passionate and skillful coding tutor, the person in him/her will be able to turn what seems dull and uninspiring to a young mind into something which is the most exciting challenge for them in the world, as well as making the content memorable to the kid for the rest of his/her life.

Another great learning benefit which a systematic online tutoring service provide is the utilization of logical curriculum tutoring technique. Curriculum sequencing, as it has been known in the educative circles around the world, is a systematic way of teaching which has proven to be one of the best models for online-based tutoring.

It is widely utilized in most of the online learning platforms around the world now. Curriculum tutoring is based on two principles: promotion of relevant topics/skills that are of high interest to the students and choosing/tutoring the students on the ones that are the best amongst them, according to the thesis on Curriculum Sequencing in a Web-based Tutor.


This systematic method of tutoring brings the best out of any students and helps elevate their success in learning, especially in an online coding education platform where technicalities are involved. Curriculum tutoring is only available via online learning platform right now which makes an individual tutor enable to follow the pattern. And trust us, kids are no exception to this rule of online learning, adults also come into the same equation of online coding education as well.

Why Learning to Code is Important

So, if you’re among those who ask: Why is coding important? In this modern digital age, the importance of learning to code is important. Not only because it will enable you to flourish in a professional career, but also because the code is the language of every program/computer and learning to code will automatically enable your child to master computers and their related programs.

Therefore, whether you’re a professional worker or a concerned parent of a child trying to give them opportunities to rise in their future, online coding education is perhaps the first and the most impactful way to begin, not to mention again with the help of an able, skillful, and well-experienced coding tutor to assist both the professional and kids in learning to code effectively.

Most importantly for the kids, it’s important for them to get involved in educational tasks with a considerable level of interest, attention, and commitment to what the tutor teaches. Video tutorials can’t do that unless there’s a personal tutor involved. Therefore, help shape the future of kids by giving them opportunities to easily learn to code online with the help of an able coding teacher.

Learn more about getting started with CodeCoach here.

July 13, 2018

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