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Meet Our Instructors

Esther W.

Hi there! I'm Esther and I'm from Hong Kong. I got into coding through attempting to create my own iPhone game during high school. While working on this project, I was amazed at how lines of code could be translated into fun computer programs. That drove my interest to learn more programming languages, and to ultimately study Computing at university. I love teaching others about coding because I like sharing my passion! It's also very rewarding to see students learn and create cool projects.

University: Imperial College London
Major: Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computing

Diane P.

Hi, I'm Diane! I'm an ice-cream expert who enjoys finding new ways to express my creativity and show off my interests. I think that coding is a fun way to build art projects and meet interesting people who love technology too. I want to learn more about programming and technology, so I can work on wider scale projects and show the world how technology and computer science can help make art. I look forward to sharing my love for creativity and technology to inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers.

University: University of California, Santa Barbara
Major: Bachelor’s Degree in Statistical Science

Casey B.

Getting other people excited can in itself be one of the most exciting experiences! That’s why it’s so great to be able to teach fresh minds how to code, one of the most relevant and applicable skill sets you can have for your education and career. Each generation of children has a unique offering based on the landscape of the time and I believe coding to be one of the fundamental building blocks of tomorrow’s world. I enjoy passing down what I’ve learned to help shape that future. I learned how to code in multiple languages from my Economics/Statistics education at UCLA and from a variety of work experiences in industries ranging from litigation consulting to hi-tech chip manufacturing.

University: UCLA
Major: Economics and Statistics

Katherine H.

I got into coding after taking Python in my first year of university. I enjoyed the course a lot - it was my highest grade that term! I'm passionate about teaching kids and working with them, they have so much positive energy. WIth FirstCode's creative and fun teaching ways, kids are going to love learning code.

University: University of British Columbia
Major: Bachelor of Media Studies

Cora Y.

Hello, I’m Cora, a graduate from HKU. Currently I'm working in an international school. When I was studying my postgraduate in HKU, I started to touch with coding education. I like how fascinating coding can be when kids create their own projects. Staying with kids as well as teaching them coding makes me feel that I'm learning with them and it's one of the best things that I can see in my life.

University: The University of Hong Kong
Major: Information Technology in Education

Nancy C.

I took my first computer science class my freshman year of college, and was instantly intrigued. I was fascinated by all the different fields computer science can be integrated with and in awe of how powerful coding can be. I always wished that I could have been exposed to computer science at an earlier age. That's why I enjoy teaching kids as a CodeCoach tutor, because I get an opportunity to get kids excited about programming at a young age and show them that not only does computer science exercise their problem solving skills but also their creativity as well!

University: UC Berkeley
Major: Computer Science

Jieran Y.

I did a lot of volunteering work in student care centres in primary schools and charity organisations where I tutored primary school students in maths and science subjects. Through volunteering, I find that I enjoy interacting with young students and seeing their improvements in studies gives me a great sense of achievement.

My father taught me simple C++ programming before but the introductory MATLAB programming module in my university semester 1 is the first chance for me to learn programming systematically in a formal setting. After this module I developed great interest in coding, so I go on to learn other languages like C and JAVA and make use of my coding skills during my internship.

University: National University of Singapore (NUS)
Major: Chemical Engineering 1st Major, Life Sciences 2nd Major

Eric C.

There is no doubt that education is one of the most important facets of our life, especially, when we are young. While I am grateful for the education that I have and do receive, I feel that the practices and conventions in place today are simply not up to date with the demands and needs of modern students. Technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we teach as well as learn in numerous ways such as making world-class education accessible to people anywhere in the world, allowing for personalized assistance, and more. I feel like being in the field of edTech and being able to teach Computer Science to younger students is a way for me to improve upon the flaws that I experienced myself as a student as well as a way for me to pay it forward.

University: University of California, Riverside
Major: Computer Science with Business Applications

Justin P.

I got into computer science because I was always fascinated with creating something and calling it my own. Computer science was a creative outlet for me to customize everything that I interacted with from video games to electric long boards. I enjoy teaching kids because I want to expose the creative capabilities of coding at an earlier age. It is satisfying to see kids use this tool for their own personal endeavors.

University: UC Berkeley
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Sanjeet U.

I went to Chapman University and received a B.A. in Psychology. I’ve always loved kids and have even tutored kids before I got into coding.  I was working in the hospitality industry and was really unfulfilled in my job I was seeking more of a challenge, until I got introduced to a coding challenge and fell in love.  As I’ve gotten into the industry, I’ve seen falling numbers in minorities and really hope the numbers can climb up. That starts with getting kids passionate about coding since they are the future. I want them to know if I can do it so can they!

University: Chapman University
Major: B.A. in Psychology