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Sample Student Projects

codecoach sample project
Created by: Trinity, 12 years old
Myanmar Podcast App – Podcasts for Education

Trinity had an exam assignment and used CodeCoach’s Bespoke program. She wanted to create something to provide learning opportunities to students in Myanmar who don’t have access to education resources.

Her idea was to create a web application – an online learning platform to let students in Myanmar learn from the online podcasts created by educators.

As part of the Bespoke program, Trinity received personalized instruction on how to create an app using multiple software tools. She was able to build a web app that served as a YouTube for podcasts for children in Myanmar!

myanmar education podcasts codecoach
LearnLang – Teach Yourself Different Languages
Created by: Jack, 15 years old
LearnLang – Teach Yourself Different Languages

Jack learned how to create his own mobile app through CodeCoach. He was inspired to create an app to help him fulfill one of his dreams – to speak many different foreign languages!

His app, LearnLang, guides the users through basic phrases in over 10 languages, allow users to record their pronunciation and listen to frequently used phrases.

Created by: Taylor, 16 years old
Match & Dress – Wardrobe App for Teenagers

Taylor designed an app to mix and match her wardrobe, share outfits with her friends and save her favorite outfits.

mobile apps
Created by: Anna, Raye and Jason
Adventure Time – Summer Holiday Planner

With Summer fast approaching, Anna, Raye and Jason decided to make an app to plan their summer adventures – everything including camping, swimming, traveling. The app also shows a calendar to coordinate their friends’ activities.

RescueMore – Route Planner for Animal Rescue