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What Is CodeCoach?

Today, millions of students are learning how to code. Yet, with parents and kids juggling busy schedules between school, after-school activities, home, or frequent relocation, finding the right coding class is not easy.

At CodeCoach, each student is paired with their individual, world class, computer science tutors from around the world. Each Code Coach is personally trained by experienced instructors and Master Trainers, certified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

personalized learning

Personalized Learning

Students can start from any level that suits them their learning needs. Choose from beginner to advanced levels, and from any of the most popular languages from Scratch to Python, Java, and beyond.

Code Coaches then work with students and parents to define concrete learning goals for the course, be it completing a school project, studying for a school exam or gearing up for a competition. Based on these learning needs and expected learning outcomes, Code Coaches then tailor the course to help students achieve their set goals.

Choose Your Own Schedule

With Code Coaches from around the globe, students enjoy flexibility to choose their own custom class schedules. It is not uncommon for us to have students hop online on a weeknight after dinner time for a quick coding session before bedtime!

Parent Approved, Child Beloved

Throughout the course, our Code Coaches provide regular updates and feedback to parents on student’s learning. Parents often commented how useful these updates are and how they appreciate being kept in the loop!

Our one-on-one format also allows students to go beyond learning a skill, to receive personalized mentorship. Students are able to cultivate a deeper interest and understanding of the computer science field.